Coinkite's Checksum Checker

Fetch and verify public Bitcoin binaries, and track/alert for changes in those binaries. Follow @BinaryWatchBot to get immediate notifications and report every 8 hours. Or watch on nostr @npub1qz2usdlga5msmejstskxx9234uyvzyy98dgeq4wseheanqw6ttps9gm8hf

Currently, these project are watched:

  1. bitcoin_core
  2. blockclock
  3. coldcard
  4. green_qt
  5. joinmarket
  6. lnd
  7. sparrow
  8. wasabi
  9. electrum
  10. core_ln
  11. specter
  12. bitcoin_knots
  13. liana
  14. seedsigner

If you want to add your Bitcoin project to watchlist, please email us at

Public keys

Public keys have to be added manually, please report public key updates to

How it is done

  1. crawl project download pages every hour
  2. download 2 most recent discovered resources and their corresponding signature/data files
  3. immediately notify twitter if new release is found
  4. calculate checksum of downloaded resource binary and assert checksum is in data/sig file with correct resource name, if NOT immediately notify twitter
  5. check signature verifies (against pubkey already in GPG keyring), if NOT immediately notify twitter
  6. check calculated checksum is the same as checksum calculated for the same resource from previous run, if NOT immediately notify twitter
  7. publish results after each finished run at
  8. every 8 hours post report to twitter via @BinaryWatchBot